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CoLabs Clip - Jazz

CoLabs Clip - Jazz

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CoLabs Flavio & Pat

CoLabs Flavio & Pat

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SF to MN - Edit

SF to MN - Edit

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The Rhythm Roots 3

The Rhythm Roots 3

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This is the music platform you Didn't know you NEED!

What is CoLabs?

CoLabs Session

CoLabs is an online platform designed to bridge the gap between artists, engineers, and music enthusiasts, transforming the way quality content is created and experienced. We deliver ultra-low latency and high-fidelity audio, ensuring productive and enriching sessions and seamless online interactions by utilizing a CoLabs accredited remote sound engineer.


At CoLabs, we deliver ultra-low latency and high-fidelity audio for seamless online interactions, ensuring productive and enriching sessions by utilizing a CoLabs accredited remote sound engineer.

Online Music Collaboration: Jam with Friends Anywhere!

Windows 10

VST, VST3 & Standalone with ASIO support | 64-bit & 32-bit


AU, VST, VST3 and Standalone with Apple Silicon | 64-bit


Standalone, VST & Executable with JACK and ALSA | 64-bit & 32-bit

FREE During Open Beta!


Create, Connect,

High-Quality Sound: Experience a palpable clarity with up to 32bit/384kHz audio, giving you studio-quality fidelity in your home.

Ultra Low Latency: No more of that annoying delay! Play and collaborate with ultra-low latency, making remote sessions feel in-person.

Inclusive & Affordable: CoLabs is available on nearly any device, ensuring everyone gets a fair shot at making amazing music online.

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Create An Exclusive Experience

CoLabs is not just an app; it's a realm where rarity and uniqueness in musical collaboration are paramount. On this platform each moment and interaction is a rare opportunity, echoing the essence of time-bound NFTs. Tailored for those seeking not just collaboration but a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience, CoLabs combines high-fidelity audio with the wisdom and technical prowess of industry professionals. It's a community where every contribution is pivotal, driving forward a future of musical content that is rare and invaluable.


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  • Studio Sessions for Artists/Musicians: Engage in live collaborations with artists and musicians worldwide as if you're sharing the same space, courtesy of our ultra-low latency and high-fidelity streaming capabilities. Our sound engineers are specifically trained to optimize your remote sessions, ensuring a dynamic environment that fosters spontaneous creativity and the immediate exchange of ideas, reflecting the organic flow of a traditional studio setting.

  • Passive Listener Experience: For those who prefer to immerse themselves in the creative process without active participation, CoLabs offers a profound, 'fly-on-the-wall' experience. Listen in on live studio sessions as if you're right there with the artists. Our high-fidelity/low-latency service provides an atmosphere of palpable intimacy that has to be experienced to be fully understood. It's more than listening; it's feeling the pulse of creativity as it happens.

  • Participation without a Musical Background:
    CoLabs believes everyone has something to offer
    to the creative process. Listeners can contribute ideas, vote on decisions, or even actively participate in the songwriting process with professional artists and producers, all without needing any musical background. It's about harnessing the collective creativity of a diverse community, making music creation more accessible and inclusive.

CoLabs - VST Logic

Why Download CoLabs Today?

Bill Brown
“Of the various platforms we have used, CoLabs is among the best in terms of fidelity and  low latency using peer to peer technology”

Bill Brown | FoH Engineer for Earth, Wind & Fire and Production Manager for Larry Dunn

Download CoLabs Today!

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