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Dive into the rhythmic soul of music with our exclusive sample pack, featuring the impeccable artistry of Christopher Couch. Captured in the esteemed Kumagai Music Studios in Michigan, these 18 meticulously recorded loops deliver the essence of a live drum performance right into your studio.


Key Features:


  • Genuine Acoustic Feel: Each loop in this collection is imbued with the raw energy and nuanced dynamics of a live drum kit.
  • Versatile BPM: Set at a comfortable 101 BPM, these loops offer the perfect foundation for rock, funky tunes, and even that nostalgic 80s pop vibe.
  • High-Quality Recording: Enjoy crystal-clear sound quality with 16bit/44.1kHz resolution, ensuring each beat resonates with clarity and depth.
  • Diverse Instrumentation: From the lively bongos and shakers to the solid backbone of snares, cymbals, toms, and kick drums, every aspect of a drum kit is explored.
  • Professional Equipment: Recorded using NEVE preamps and WARM Mics, promising a sound that's as professional as it gets.
  • Creative Freedom: With builds and long loops, you have the flexibility to craft your unique rhythm or enhance existing tracks.
  • Compact Size, Massive Impact: A total file size of 48MB ensures easy integration into your project without compromising on quality.


Unleash your creativity with "Acoustic Drum Loops - The Fusion Beat Collection", where each beat is a step towards your next masterpiece.

Acoustic Drum Loops - The Fusion Beat Collection

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