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Weekly Free Plugin Alert!

For people who work daily with music production, mixing, and mastering, searching for plug-ins for your DAW to get different sounds to enrich inspiration and creativity, is a constant

habit and research.

Choosing and browsing through plug-ins for experimenting can be a challenging task, due to the infinite number of options, possibilities, and brands.

And sometimes, when finding the perfect plug-in, that can sound and look perfect for using, it can be an expensive task as well.

So here are three plugins with interesting sounds and possibilities that are available for free that can help on stimulating creativity and getting new inspirations.

Developed by Martinic, the Kee Bass plug-in is a reproduction of the Rheem Kee Bass, a monophonic string bass simulator from the 60’s.

Offering an interface which is the same as seen on the real physical Kee Bass with some extra features, and based on the original electronic schema, the Kee Bass is free can be useful for bringing that extra bassy vintage texture to your music.

With a very creative and refreshing interface, Unplug’s Prisma is a multiband distortion with up to four modules that can be added to any one of the four bands, summing up to 16 possibilities.

Turning possible to make highly complex and interesting sounds, Prisma is free and worth the try.

A high fidelity and a high-quality pitch shifter, Auburn Audio’s Inner Pitch offers numerous possibilities to change the pitch of your samples and recordings with a L/R shit knob to also create stereo images to your shifted samples.

This post is just a quick glance at these plugins, be sure to check them out!

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