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Weekly Free Plugin Alert!

For people who work daily with music production, mixing, and mastering, searching for plug-ins for your DAW to get different sounds to enrich inspiration and creativity, is a constant

habit and research.

Choosing and browsing through plug-ins for experimenting can be a challenging task, due to the infinite number of options, possibilities, and brands.

And sometimes, when finding the perfect plug-in, that can sound and look perfect for using, it can be an expensive task as well.

So here are three plug-ins with interesting sounds and possibilities that are available for free

that can help on stimulating creativity and getting new inspirations.

Cymatics MEMORY: Analog Chorus Developed by Cymatics, MEMORY is a new free plug-in that works with modulation effects such as chorus and vibrato, great for getting different textures and feelings to instruments such as piano or acoustic guitar samples and recordings. Going from presets that can give a vintage or nostalgic textures, to completely changing the initial sample.

Steven Slate’s Fresh Air: Exciter Based Steven Slate’s plug-ins are widely known nowadays, so Fresh Air is a must have specially for mixing vocals, adding brilliance and shine without harming the sound or making it harsh, it can be used on various situations but works great on vocal chains or buses.

Audiolatry’s Mel-Lofi: Mellotron Simulator The Mellotron is a definitive and nostalgic instrument for synthesizer enthusiasts, but it’s still very used to this day and still a very interesting instrument to make music. Audiolatry’s Mel-Lofi is a free alternative the getting that nostalgic Mellotron sound, even maintaining some of hiss and noise from the original tapes used on the original Mellotron.

This post is just a quick glance at these plugins, be sure to check them out!

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