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Teenage Engineering: Creating New Sounds Anywhere

Founded in 2005, the Swedish company Teenage Engineering has been innovating and presenting new ways for creating sounds and making your creativity flows, creating all sorts of new hardware for creating music such as pocket synthesizers, sequencers, speakers, and samplers, with a very stylish minimalist design to its hardware.

Among its most famous pieces of hardware, it is possible to mention the OP-1, a minimalist pocket synthesizer that can function as a sampler and a sequencer, with its pocket design allowing you to create and take it with you anywhere.

Teenage Engineering's OP-1

The PO-20 Pocket Operator, a synthesizer and a sequencer, shaped and sized as calculator, making possible to create anywhere, anytime.

Teenage Engineering's PO-20

Among all of these innovative and refreshing pieces of hardware, Teenage Engineering have of other new and exciting releases, among these, introduced for the first time in May 2023, the TP-7 is another way of using your creativity in new ways.

Shaped like a small cassette tape recorder, and sized just small enough to fit in your pocket, the TP-7 is a field recorder that can work in many different ways, between its features you will find:

Three stereo two-way jacks, allowing multitrack recording, that can be used both as inputs, or outputs, a USB-C port so the TP-7 can be used as an audio interface, and a 6.35mm to 3.5mm jack adapter.

Teenage Engineering's TP-7

But the TP-7's main feature has to be motorized tape well, which can be used in real time to pause, rewind and fast forward.

The TP-7 can also be used with Teenage Engineering’s microphone CM-15, a condenser microphone with built in phantom power due to an internal battery.

Teenage Engineering is always finding new ways to create hardware that is both creative, and convenient for daily use and transport. This is just a quick glance at these amazing pieces of hardware, if you’re curious about it, make sure to check Teenage Engineering’s website.

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