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Björk, Milton Nascimento, a friendship with no borders

Björk is much likely one of the most well-known and experimental singers of the 90s, always using unusual ways to make sounds and music, but still making it easy for anyone to listen, and relate to the feelings of her songs.

After leaving her previous band, The Sugarcubes, in 1992, to pursue a solo career, she then released her first solo album in 1993 (Debut), paving the way to a career full of innovations and refreshing ideas.

Björk's Debut (1993)

It was right around that time, in the early 90’s, that Björk received from a friend, a videotape of the Brazilian singer Elis Regina, singing in a circus, a song called “Travessia”, one of the strongest performances she was ever seen, and had to listen to it at least once a week, according to herself. After that she discovered, the song was a version, and it actually belong to another singer that was also one of the most remarkable musicians in Brazil’s history: Milton Nascimento. Since then, she became very attached to Milton’s music and Brazilian music in general.

And that was the story she told Brazilian TV station Globo when she came to Brazil in 1998, to promote her new album back then Homogenic (1997), at the extinct Brazilian music

Björk's Homogenic (1997)

festival called Close-Up, held at the Metropolitan, in Rio de Janeiro.

It was that day, that a few hours before her show, she had the chance to meet Milton Nascimento, author of one of her favorite songs, the meeting was witnessed by a Brazilian reporter at the time.

Björk later recorded her own version of the song “Travessia”, singing in Portuguese, and her friendship with Milton still lasts to this day.

It’s these kinds of stories that exists to remind us that music, and art in general has no barriers, geographical or linguistical, that can stop us to connect with other people, and make art together, if we feel connected to that specific piece of art.

And with CoLabs, you can now connect in real time with other musicians around the world to jam, record, and produce art with anyone that relates, and connects to you artistically.

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