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CoLabs is, a VIBE

  • Fantasy League Tracker: An optional widget allows users to monitor their fantasy league progress, providing live updates on player stats and scores.

  • Team News: A news widget offers real-time updates on team strategies, injuries, and other relevant information.

  • Additional Widgets: Other widgets can include a play clock countdown and a player health tracker, giving comprehensive game insights.

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AR Glasses
CoLabs NFL View
  • 3D Replays: AR glasses overlay a 3D simulation of plays directly onto the field. Users can manipulate this simulation, rotating and zooming in to analyze plays from all angles.


Live Interactive Modes

  • Dashboard Overlay: The AR glasses immediately bring up a transparent HUD (heads-up display) overlay that covers one side of the user's vision. This overlay includes live stats, game clock, and player-specific information.

  • Transparency Controls: Users can adjust the transparency of the HUD via voice commands or touch controls, allowing them to see both the real world and the digital information comfortably.

  • Gesture-Based Navigation: By moving their head or swiping along the glasses’ side, users can switch between live views, statistics, and instant replays.

CoLabs NFL

Virtual Stadium Enhancements

  • Simulated Stadium: The glasses can simulate a full stadium experience, offering virtual seat upgrades and digital concession ordering.

  • Interactive Guides: Pop-up guides provide information on team histories, star players, and trivia challenges, enhancing the overall engagement.

  • Individualized Halftime Shows: Users will be able to choose from a variety of musical acts to experience as if they were front and center at the concert. Tiered upgrades available for larger acts and events.


Multi-Camera Angles

  • Toggling Cameras: Users can switch between camera views, including sideline, end zone, and bird's eye views, enhancing their viewing options.

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