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The CoLabs, Inc. Board of Advisors

Founder & CEO

Patrick Amunson

Patrick's industry expertise, rooted in his specialization in metadata optimization and utilization, grants him a unique understanding of the music industry’s changing demands. His professional journey took shape after an internship at Larson Studios while attending the Los Angeles Film & Recording School. It further evolved with a pivotal internship at Heavy Harmony under Rhonda Bedikian, where he first delved into metadata management. This foundational experience prepared him for his subsequent role as a Metadata Specialist at Extreme Music at a time when metadata wasn’t fully understood nor utilized.

Finance & Business Development

Andrew Temte

Dr. Andrew Temte, former CEO of Kaplan Professional and founder of Skills Owl LLC, brings a wealth of experience in educational leadership and corporate learning to our board. Known for his innovative approach in the realms of organizational health and workforce development, Dr. Temte's vision emphasizes high trust and accountability. An author and musician, his diverse talents and commitment to continuous improvement make him an invaluable asset in guiding strategic growth and networking initiatives.

Corporate Governance and Ethics

Christopher Couch

Dr. Christopher E. Couch serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Cooper Standard. A PhD holder from MIT, he has an esteemed career that spans across corporations like Lear Corp and Toyota. Known for his expertise in AI, machine learning, and automated control systems, he's also a pioneering force in client-first innovation strategies. Dr. Couch brings invaluable foresight and adaptability to the board, enriching its strategic direction with a blend of technological sophistication and market acumen.

SaaS Technology Solutions

Dennis Lysenko

Dennis Lysenko is an esteemed technologist and strategic leader, bringing a wealth of experience in startups, technology, and business strategy to our board. Educated at MIT, Dennis has been instrumental in adopting emerging technologies and steering organizational change. Known for his adaptability and entrepreneurial acumen, he has co-founded three startups and been a vocal advocate for innovative industry practices. His board membership enriches our corporate vision, emphasizing a future-facing approach that melds technological innovation with ethical and economic sustainability.

Industry and Professional Outreach

Vance Walden

Vance Walden, an industry luminary with over 30 years of expertise in sound engineering for film and television, enriches our board with his technological innovation and commitment to educating the next generation of audio professionals.

Marketing and Creative

Amanda Moody

Amanda Moody is a versatile member of our Board of Directors with a rich tapestry of experiences ranging from corporate roles to artistic pursuits. A resilient self-starter, she brings unique insights into aligning career and passion. With a background that includes advertising and commercial production, Amanda is a strong advocate for targeted career focus and offers invaluable strategic guidance. Her empathetic approach and commitment to fostering creativity within practical frameworks make her an essential asset to our board.

Client Relations and Studio Affiliate

Eric Eckstein

Eric Eckstein, a luminary in audio post-production, brings a career spanning voice editing to Dolby E expertise, enriched by his work with Hollywood icons and marked by his forward-thinking adaptability across analog and digital realms.

Innovation & Technology

Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace is a trailblazer in remote audio technology and education. With over two decades of experience, he revolutionized ISDN technology, enabling high-fidelity, low-latency sound for remote collaborations. Brian's educational initiatives include pioneering sound design for the Arcade plugin by Output, widely used by producers globally. At CoLabs, he leads the development of cutting-edge tools for real-time, studio-quality audio and video streaming, fostering seamless, innovative collaborations​.
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